Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm so grateful to Allah because he is granting me with such many grants and pleasures. But, the problem is " is I'm totally showing Him my truth thankfulness?...or I just pretend myself due to abundance of offences and sins I had done..please give me the acceptable intentions to guide me always in the truth path Ya Rabb...~

Islamic Science University Of Malaysia is my new institution in order to futher my studies. But now I'm still at it's foundation. I have to complete this stage and ended it with flying colours to easier me continuing my dreaming bachelor soon. Forget the pasts and bring the new......~amin..

successful here....and hereafter is the doubt at all...just after we close our eyes and being placed in the grave....His two angels come to question us seriously...if we fail...oh no!...we are in the great agony..!..not our mouth will be opened to answer it...but its rely by our intact iman and perfect deeds. When we succeed, the real mirth will embellish our life there. So, that successful  signs us the next pleasures until we step into jannah without no more scary and frightening circumstances. This is the actual successful that we need...amin~