Saturday, October 15, 2011


We all know that we we'll leave this temporary world by one day, but we still strive as thought we will live forever.

In Koran, Allah has fixed our death but not our bachelor, degree, master, or PhD. But why we're still work hardly for the only purpose to get that trivial things? hah. Lets think about that.

Allah has never say in Koran that He will guarantee our marrying, having children, getting rich, or etc but He has guarantee our death. We will never know that scared moment. May Allah accept us.

So, don't work for the only purpose of properties, status, and whatever so, but make it as one of your paths to grab His Blessings and please make sure your struggles in performing da'wah, solah are better than what your are searching for in this world.

Hereafter is the fundamental purpose but the world is just its obstacle to go through.