Sunday, July 25, 2010

i don't know why there are too much things that I want to share here. But,..urm..I think I have to do so..
People may probably blame and discriminate my own opinions. Oh Allah....please guide me to Your truth path...I'm really need You at every time...every I'm wrong doing this job, the exact job that some of our ummah miss it. This is the real job that our Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w asked us to do so. Remember, we will succeed only by following Him, Muhammad s.a.w

I try to keep this beard..I try to follow my beloved Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w hopefully he will recognise me in the mahsyar soon. But, Allah attest my Iman, my own mother herself asks me to cut and neaten it. However I just make myself in silence and ignore her. Is I'm right?..I think I'm totally right because we must obey to Allah and Rasul first...and our parents. A brother told me that we must not cut or trim it, or if we do such that...we are not follow the exact sunnah. Our Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w asked muslim and mukmin to keep it long. But most of muslim do not understand about it. Only the the steadfast Iman will keep us maintain with our perception and please remember that setan will always strive to astray us.

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