Monday, September 13, 2010

We just celebrated that Eid. The first day of the ' Aidilfitri' made me feel quite impressive with Muslims and Muslimat at the mosque. There was abundance of Muslims people attended to perform that 'Eid's solah'. At the same time, I remembered a talk given by a lecturer in Negeri Sembilan. He is 'syura' of that state.

He told a story to about 30 students who came at that gathering. A great and touching story for us as ummah. To test whether we are concern and pity toward our ummah's problems or not.

It was a Malay Muslim at London who encountered a chaplain in a train. He came to the chaplain and asked him bravely, " I want to ask you a question. Don't you and the other Jews afraid at the Muslim? The chaplain  said, " let me ask you three questions before I answer your question.

" The first question,
How much the number of Muslims came to the mosques in Malaysia for Eid's prayer?"

The Malay Muslim said, " Yes, there were numerous Muslims came to do so till sometimes some of them facing difficulties to get spaces to perform that prayer."

" The second questions,
How about when the Eid-ul-Adha?"

The Malay Muslim said, " yes, it was the same events happened."

" The third questions,
How many Muslim came to the mosques for Friday's prayer in Malaysia?"

Yes, there were so much Muslims came to do so.

The chaplain then said, " Ok, now I would answer your question. He told, " If there are not so much the number of Muslims people who come to the mosques for Subuh's prayer as well as that three's prayers, so then we will not afraid at you."

So, now lets us Muslim, Mukmin.....!
Come and alive our mosques with solah....
Lets we wake up from our weaknesses.....

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