Saturday, August 22, 2009

What the actual SPM...!

I still remember that brother. He came to the mosque with a group he joined. If I'm not mistaken, there were also fewer arabian that together with the group. They all exactly mukmin who involve in invitation deeds. They come to Malacca for 'Fi Sabilillah' about almost fourty days. It also a brother who older than me about some mere a year. Nevertheless, he looked matured and lanky than me.

After Zohor 'berjemaah' an arabian greeted me. He smiled at me. He said that I'm looked like an Egyptian. I was felt some surprised. Then, the first mention brother introduced himself to me. We had a bit of conversation. He was exactly just ended of sittting SPM. So, I told him I'm also wonder to face it in this year.
He said and adviced me that the SPM examination is just on paper and do not sustained till the world after. "It is not the actual and the truth success even though you get straight A's, its just on paper and if you fail, you could repeat it again,isn't it?" he asked me? "Of course, I replied him. "How about our actual SPM, Sijil Padang Mahsyar or Sijil Panggilan Maut," he asked me again. I just nodded for his words. I'm really aware about that.

Thats why he come for fourty days in case to have training to learn more about the significant of 'dakwah' that left by Nabi s.a.w to us as his ummah. He also said that it's the training to know more about us as human being and what are the responsibility that headed to us. We must learn how to know and recognise Allah, our God even more depthly. We have to do this not only within fourty days, but it's our actual duty in this world as ummah....
After that, when we get the tough and strong faith its will be easier for us to complete all Allah and Rasul's insructions. But, all this need efforts mainly 'dakwah' to keep it forever and ever.

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